BOT Associates


Structural Concrete Design / Detailing  / Supervision:

We are providing complete range of concrete structure design solutions from design to execution. We have wide range of experience in concrete structures design supported by concerned design calculations as per ACI / BS codes for authority approvals

Our services include the followings:

  • Industrial Buildings with heavy Machine Loads
  • Footings for Steel Sheds
  • Labour Camps / School Buildings / Control Rooms
  • Shopping Malls / Hospitals
  • Process Buildings/  Sub-Stations
  • Equipment Foundations / Grid Stations
  • Shell Structures for Factories
  • Pile Foundations   
  • Pile Caps     
  • Equipment Supporting Structures  
  • Under Ground / Overhead Water Tanks
  • Hollow Core Slabs Resting over Concrete Frames
  • Isolated / Raft / Strip Foundations
  • Flat Plate Slabs
  • Shear Walls for Seismic Forces
  • Concrete Stairs

Structural Steel Design / Detailing  / Supervision:

We are providing complete steel work solutions from design to erection. We have wide range of experience in steel structures design along with related steel to steel & steel to concrete connections as per ACI / BS codes.

Our services include the followings:

  • Warehouses
  • Workshop Sheds / Crane Beams
  • School bus parking sheds & playing area sheds
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Access Platforms Steel Stairs
  • Pergolas
  • Domes
  • Pipe Racks
  • Overhead Steel Water Tanks
  • Heavy Ac Ducts Supporting Steel Structures
  • Mezzanine Steel Structures
  • Roof Screening Steel Structures Handrails

Structural Strengthening & Repair Work Solutions ( Concrete / Steel):

We bring together the engineers and technicians that are familiar with all of the critical aspects that will ensure the most cost-effective and long-lasting results.

Our services include the followings:

  • Obtaining information relating to the design, construction, maintenance and history of the building.
  • Assessing the structural adequacy of the building by checking the structural plans and calculations and reconstructing the structural plans if they are not available.
  • Carrying out tests on the materials as used in structural elements of the building.
  • Carrying out Ferro Scanning / load test on parts of the building if necessary.
  • Recommendations of appropriate safety precautionary and remedial measures to restore the structural stability and integrity of the building structure.

Structural Inspections (Visual / Detailed Assessment):

Structural Inspections & Investigations are done,

By a team of experienced engineers and professionals who conduct site investigations, compliance inspections and provide construction advice.

Our services include the followings:

  • Footing, Foundation, Slab and Frame Certifications: Structural Inspections During Construction Stage
  • Fire Damaged Warehouses / Steel Sheds Inspections
  • Retaining Wall Certifications
  • Structural Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Unauthorized Structure Inspections 
  • Cracked House Inspections
  • Cracked Ground Slab Inspections
  • Renovation Advice
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Construction Advice
  • Forensic Engineering Investigations
  • Wall Removal Certification
  • Other Engineering Inspections

Design Validations Based on As Built Data / Ferro Scanning Results

Architectural Works

Electrical and Mechanical Work